Saturday, November 21, 2009

Support PetStew, my latest site about dogs.

  • Research and buy all types of dogs in the dogs for sale classified listings
  • Find dogs for adoption in your local area, save a homeless dog
  • Browse thousands of detailed dog photos
  • View our huge selection of dog videos
  • Determine what to expect from your prospective or current dog, research detailed dog breed information
  • Research true dog pricing to determine how much you'll actually spend in the dogs lifetime, not just how much it will cost you to take the dog home
  • Don't go in blind, find out what dog fits your lifestyle and personality best using our dog breed calculator
  • Find local dog breeders in our dog breeder listings
  • Refill prescriptions, purchase toys, leashes, collars, etc. for competetive prices in PetStew's dog products section

and so on...

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