Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Dangerous Hike In The World

Check out this hike in Southern Spain, I wrote about it on my travel blog too but figured it was worth mentioning on here as well. It's called El Caminito Del Rey and it's basically an old pathway built in the early 1900's for dam workers to get to a hydro electric dam. Now it's falling apart, many sections are actually fully missing, which is what makes it crazy. It won't be around for long as they're restoring El Caminito Del Rey, so if you'd like to do it get there ASAP. Don't forget to bring your harness, and your camera.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Great post. We were up there last week. Must say it was completely nuts. Nuts, but fun!! I can’t say I’d ever recommend anyone trying the Caminito, its in very bad condition. We have just come out of our wettest winters in 70 years and the rain hasn't helped much. A Italian climber came off in March of this year (2013) when the safety cable snapped. He fell more than 80m and miraculously only suffered a few fractured ribs. Then again its now or never, the authorities are closer than ever before to reforming it!! hope you enjoy the video we took up there